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Google Maps

Here are a series of posts on how to log in and change googlemaps.

Monday, June 02, 2008

How to create a Vlog

I am always looking for new ways to either a.) deliver content or b.)use technology to have students understand ideas better.

I am interested in video and am going to require Edu375 to create a video, edit it and post to YouTube... but how should I have them execute it? What if they don't have a video camera at home? Even more so, these students are future educators and need to accomplish this task with as few resources as possible, in the event that they secure employment in a low-income school.

A quick search produced this link on C|Net
In this quick 2 minute video C|Net covers creating a video, suitable for YouTube using just a webcamera. Check it out!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Welcome to my blog!

I anticipate that the next 4 weeks of class will be innovative and exciting!

One constant will be everyday listening to NPR's "This I believe". Some stories can be accessed via iTunes, and others at
Today's story is by Juliet Frerking reading her essay "A drive to Achieve the Extraordinary"

Another thing that I am excited to incorporate this summer is Vlogging. Like blogging, you can create and distribute video's through iTunes and even on blogs, like this one.

Here are the video's that we will take a look at today, 3 of which are Volgs downloaded from iTunes:
  1. Houghton - Mifflin (Not available)
  2. iPods in Special Education - University of South Florida

3. What I liked about 1st grade


4. Comic life in English class


So let's start learning how to integrate technology!